Photographs of Italy, Italian Archive and worldwide commissions of hotel photography

My lines on enquiry have changed considerably over 35 years to reflect the experience and interest in the diverse a fascinating world in which we find ourselves. The following a selection of earlier projects:

ROADS TO ROME The eminent curator Colin Ford wrote, "Heseltine's beautiful black and white shadows powerfully summon up the distant and recent past…In these pictures, ghosts really do come to life.” 

HENRY IN VENICE  In another time, another life, I followed him day and night, I squeezed the shutter as he stopped to stare, bewitched by the marble's exotic charm...

AN AMERICAN WAY vintage Kodachrome and Tri-X Americana 

LIVES OF OTHERS  "As dark shadowy outlines we stumble through an unrehearsed life, some with dear friends and family, but all of us alone. Just as previous occupants thought their time was forever, their world happened just once and is gone." 

A SINKING FEELING  The world moves on very quickly it seems. This is illustrated by the area behind London's King’s Cross station where I had a studio 1984-94.  It looks very different now.

FIELD OF DREAMS A meadow churned to mud, footings in concrete and block, places for people to call home. I have used the destructive character of these Polaroid images as my personal wrecking ball

WASNEY'S WAR No blood, no bodies, just silence and a heavy lingering memory that still haunts this part of Picardy where my grandfather was killed in the last days of the 1914-18 war.

FLIGHT Collaborative work made in the Charente Maritime with UK artist Angela Findlay 

TERRA FIRMA solid Italian earth, perhaps. But earthquakes, erosion, floods and the hand of man conspire to threaten this apparent solidity as well as the history and mythology layered upon its varied surface.

ROADWORKS ...paved surfaces we use every day but with obedience to the power of the symbol and a  struggle to impose unity and order on chaos