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E  X  H   I  B  I T  I  O   N  S     &     P  U  B  L  I  C  A  T  I  O  N  S

RWA 2012 Autumn Exhibition

I am really pleased that the Royal West of England Academy has included one of my images, "Born and Bound" in their forthcoming 160th Autumn Exhibition. This is particularly gratifying as it is the first of my recent salt prints to have a public viewing.

ARLES 2012

My work has been selected for the Photography Open Salon Arles 2012 exhibition - ‘An Eye for an Ear'.


My collaboration with the painter Angela Findlay, has resulted in an exhibition entitled "Filling the Cracks" which forms part of the 2011 Stroud Valleys Art Festival and is a mutual exploration of inherited personal narratives. The shared languages of our different materials and personal backgrounds are united in a mutual interest in uncovering the layers of individual lives hidden behind the anonimity of history. This marks the beginning of a new collaborative venture.


"For the adventurer who loves the history of ancient Rome and admires the architectural and engineering feats of that great civilization, this rather small but informational tightly packed book will come as a welcome insight. Author and photographer John Heseltine has studied the historic major roads to Rome, photographed the places through which they passed and recreate history with the comments on the placements of the sites and the reasons we postulate the Romans chose them.

Among the most famous of these antique but extant roads here discussed are the Via Appia, Via Cassia, Via Flamina, and Via Aurelia, each named after an emperor and each leading into Rome through a different atmosphere and out to a different destination. The manner in which these roads connected Rome with the known world is discussed with authority, but the interesting facet is the way Heseltine shows the current environs where these roads exist. This is living history, beautifully captured in Heseltine's photographs and enhanced by Colin Ford's Introductory notes.

Filled with both black and white and toned photographs this book is a journey through history that is fascinating in content and illuminating in style! A definite must for those who love Italy and things Italian. Recommended." Grady Harp, December 05